Introduction of the autumn and windmill swings

- Jan 21, 2019-

Swing forms such as Mo Qiu and windmill swings are also popular in the southwestern minority areas of China.

The autumn can be divided into two types, one is called turning autumn, and the other is called grinding autumn. In the middle of the autumn, there is a column in the middle, with a shaft on the top and a four-string on the top. There is a ring at the end of the rope. The four people hold the ring and sway into the play, which is like a push, so it turns to the autumn.

The method of grinding the autumn is to take a hardwood with a length of 1~2 meters and a diameter of about 15 centimeters fixed on the field, and the top is thinned as a shaft; choose a wooden pole about 10 meters long and the diameter is the same as the wooden column. , the middle chiseled, placed on the top of the column, that is,


Grinding autumn. The two ends of the wooden pole ride on the same number of people. After riding the rider, the rider uses a pedal to run a few steps, that is, quickly ride the wooden pole or the mast head, the wood pole is generally rotated, the two ends rise and fall, and it seems to pick When the time is up and down, it is said to grind the autumn. As the wooden poles rotate and undulate, the one on the ground uses the ankles to increase the power and make the poles bounce. Thus, the ends of the wooden poles alternate up and down, and the rotation is not limited.

In the autumn of Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other regions, the 担, Jingpo, Miao, Zhuang, Hani, Buyi and Yi are the most popular. The Hani are the most typical.

The Hani people polished the autumn mainly in the May or June of the lunar calendar. May is held on the next day or the sunrise, called "May Year"; in June, it is held on the 3rd to 5th day, called "June", and the Hani people are called "Bitter Zha". "May of the Year" and "June of the Year" are the Mouqiu Festival. Regarding the origin of "May of the Moon", there is a local legend: In ancient times, the sun and the moon were indefinite and harmed the crops. Alang and Achang brothers and sisters decided to rescue the neighbors. They cut down the chestnut trees and set up the autumn, and the autumn flies, carrying them to the sun and the moon. They tried their best to convince them to stay up all night. Ideally realized, the brothers and sisters were each baked and frozen on the sun and the moon. In order to commemorate them, people evolved into festivals.