The Origin Of The Swing

- Jan 21, 2019-

The origin of the swing can be traced back to a few

Swing writing

The ancient times 100,000 years ago. At that time, our ancestors needed to pick up wild fruits or hunt wild beasts in order to make a living. In climbing and running, they often grab the stout vines, relying on the swinging of the rattan, the tree or the gully, which is the most primitive form of the swing. As for the swings where the ropes were hung on the wooden frame and the pedals were lowered, they were in the north of China during the Spring and Autumn Period. In the "Arts and Literatures Collection", there is a record of "the northern foothills, the cold food is a swing for the day". At that time, the ropes of the swings were solid, and they were usually made of animal skins. Therefore, the words "qi" are used as the sideways.

This is the custom of the ancient Qingming Festival in China. Swing, which means pulling the rope and moving. Its history is very old, the earliest called the autumn, and later to avoid taboos, changed to a swing. In ancient times, the swings were made of tree lychees and tied with ribbons. Later it gradually developed into a swing with two ropes and pedals.