The Origin Of The Chair

- Feb 18, 2019-

There was also an explanation for the word "chair" before the Tang Dynasty. It was called "by the car", that is, the fence of the car. Its role is when people ride

Creative chair

Rely on. The later chair, in the form of a fence mounted on a four-legged platform, was inspired by the fence beside the car and used the name as a "chair". Judging from the existing information, the Tang Dynasty has quite a chair.

From the Five Dynasties to the Song Dynasty, the high-profile seats were unprecedentedly popular, and the form of the chairs was also increased. There were armchairs, armchairs, and chairs. At the same time, depending on the level of honor, the shape, material and function of the chair are also different.

The furniture from the Five Dynasties to the Song Dynasty generally retained the legacy of the Tang Dynasty, but high-grade furniture was more popular than before.

The chair is known for its ancient and simple, although for many centuries it is a common use state. The chair was there because at least during the early dynasty. They are covered with cloth or leather, wood carvings, which are much lower than the 21st century chairs, and the chair seats are sometimes only 25 cm high. The chairs in ancient Egypt seem to have been greatly enriched and brilliant. Vintage ebony and ivory carvings and gilded wood, they are covered with expensive materials, gorgeous patterns and legs of the beast or captive figures after the support. In general, the higher the ranking of the individual, the higher, and more gorgeous is the greater honor he has ever been in the chair. Pharaoh sat on the throne in important national occasions, often far away from a small footstool in front of it.