Swing In Sports

- Feb 15, 2019-

In 1991, the National Minority Sports Association listed the "Swinging Swing" as a performance project, and later it was listed as a competition project.

The swing, a folklore with thousands of years of history, still maintains a strong vitality. It has invigorated people's lives and provided folklore workers with specimens containing rich content.

The swing is a movement created by ethnic minorities in ancient China. During the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC to 476 BC), it was introduced into the Central Plains. Because of its simple equipment and easy to learn, it was deeply loved by people and soon became popular in various places. After the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC), the swing gradually became a folk sports activity in the Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals and has been passed down to the present. After the founding of New China, with the rise of various modern sports, the swing movement has become popular in a few areas, and has become a special activity for children in most parts of China. In February 1986, the State Sports Commission formulated the "Swing Race Competition Rules" (draft). In the same year, the swing was listed as the official competition of the National Minority Sports Games. By the Sixth National Minority Games in 1999, the swing had grown into a larger project involving six individual items.

The swing competition stipulates that only women can participate, and there are single, double and team competitions. The project is divided into height competition and ringing competition. The height competition calculates the score at the highest point within the specified number of trials. The bell race is the number of times the athlete touches the bell at the specified altitude and time. The competition venue is a rectangular flat ground of 20x8 meters. The swing is 12 meters high and the starting height is 1.3 meters. In the high-level competition, the players have 6 trial opportunities, but only one in the ringing competition.

The swing movement is not only a wonderful competition, but also able to train people's will and cultivate brave spirit. At the same time, it is also very beneficial to the healthy development of human physiological functions.