Swing Culture

- Feb 11, 2019-

On the one hand, you can "squat" (heal the disease), on the other hand, you can "release boring." The twenty-fifth round of "Jin Ping Mei Ci Hua" begins with the scenes of Wu Yueniang, Meng Yulou, Pan Jinlian, Li Pinger and so on in the garden, and quotes the "Autumn Poetry" which is said to be from the hands of Tang Bohu. Poetry cloud:

Two women are beautiful and beautiful, and the green Yang Ying plays in the swing. / Two pairs of jade wrists are recovered, and four golden lotuses are upside down. / Red powder face red noodles, jade crisp shoulders a total of crispy shoulders. / You Chun Gongzi whips away, a pair of flying down the nine heavens.

Li Qingzhao also filled in a "Spot Lips, Swinging Swing". For a time, the swing was almost a patent for women.

Probably after the Tang and Song Dynasties, with the development of the urban economy, a large number of citizens emerged, and the swings evolved into a carnival show in the festival square. Du Fu has a poem: "A decade later, the young will be far away, and the Wanli Swing is the same." Liu Yuxi also has: "The swing is the second time, and the color rope is inclined." It can be seen that the swings of the swings are popular.

In the Song Dynasty, poetry Hui Hong also had a poem entitled "Swing":

The easel is double-cut, and the beautiful spring is in front of the small building. / Flying bloody skirts mopping the ground, ruining Yu Rong people to heaven. / Hua Bao Run dip red apricot rain, color rope oblique hanging green Yang smoke. / Down from the vacant place, the suspect is the 蟾 谪 谪 谪.

From the above description of the poems of swinging customs, we can see the universality of this custom at that time. Perhaps people are tired of the traditional swing, seeking new tricks, and the swing custom has begun to change.