Solid Wood Chair Features

- Jan 14, 2019-

1. The wooden swing chair is popular among people because it is closer to nature and the material is more environmentally friendly. A general wooden swing has a drawback, that is, when swinging, the wood will make a "beep" sound, so it is generally not suitable for indoors.

2, but often, the seat of the swing is tied to the wooden frame with chemical fiber rope, instead of metal or wood, so the friction between the swinging rope and the wooden frame is small, according to the actual situation of the family and the family. It is also possible indoors. Among the types of wooden swing chairs, western red cedar (commonly known as cedar) has the advantages of moisture, corrosion and insect damage because it contains natural preservatives, and because the surface of the swing chair is coated with wood wax oil, it can be more Good antiseptic effect.