Swing knowledge of all ethnic groups

- Jan 29, 2019-

Balcony swing

Of course, the most varied patterns in the swings are the ethnic areas of our country.

The Koreans are most fond of the traditional athletics activity of swinging. This event is often held at festivals and sometimes plays. During the festival, the girls are dressed in colorful dresses, surrounded by swings, vying for high and low, only the selected experts can participate in the games. During the competition, a string of golden yellow bells was hung on the ribbons at high altitude. The contestants swayed the swings to see who could ring the bells. The more times they encountered, the higher the score. Flowing long skirts, jingle bells, thrilling swings, amazing.

The Taiwanese Gaoshan people called the swings "small" and "flying", which is the same as the Han people's traditional understanding of the swing.

The swinging habits of the northwestern Yunnan and the southern Sichuan Naxi are commonly known as "the swings." The swings in the eastern part of the Naxi are held every year from the first day of the first month of the summer calendar to the fourth day of the first month of the lunar calendar. The west begins on the sixth day of the first month and lasts for four to five days. In the Qing Dynasty, "Yanyuan Zhuzhi Ci" cloud: "High hanging color frame connected to Yuntian, celebrate the New Year wins the old year; sisters dress up for the beautiful, Qianlang throws the swing." Lijiang Baisha Village, the bride who married that year often The red rope is a swing handrail, and it is a lucky auspicious to entertain the swings with snacks and melon seeds. On the last day of the "Swing Party", Yongning and other places prepared a banquet for young men and young men who came to the swing. During the meal, the men wiped the women's faces with pots of smoke, chasing each other and playing with each other. Legend has it that during the ancient "Swings", there were devils to catch beautiful women. After that, they used this method to cover their faces and prevent ghosts from becoming a custom.