Introduction Of Some Raw Materials For Outdoor Furniture

- Apr 08, 2019-

Produced in Indonesia, the wood has luster, pink to brick red, deep orange-red, sapwood color, no special smell and taste, staggered texture, thick and uniform structure, heavy wood weight, air dry density 0.85- 0.93g/cm3, hard, strong, and shrinking.

Southeast Asian hawthorn

Hawthorn is a genus of borneol, produced in Malaysia. The wood is slightly shiny, the texture is slightly staggered; the structure is slightly thick and uniform; the hardness is medium to large and the strength is high. The raw material is easy to process, the cut surface is smooth, the polishing property is good, and the nail holding power is strong. After drying, it is processed by mechanical or manual processing.

Southeast Asian hawthorn characteristics:

1, anti-bending, anti-aging, cost-effective;

2, after special anti-corrosion treatment, three-layer surface painting treatment;

3, health and hygiene, in line with environmental standards.


Teak, deciduous large tree, native to South Asia. The teak sold in the market mainly comes from Burma. The market is commonly known as "Thai Pomelo". The performance is that the sapwood is yellowish brown and reddish. It is distinct from the heartwood. It is about 3 cm wide, and the heartwood is light brown. When it is in the air for a long time, it turns dark. Brown, lustrous wood, oily and sexy, it is stable in size, strong in corrosion resistance and anti-ant resistance. It can resist marine life-drilling animals in the sea, and it is not easy to be infused and acid-resistant.

Because wood has excellent corrosion resistance and stability, moderate processing strength and processing performance, tall and straight trunks, beautiful wood appearance and wide application, teak is the best and most famous broad-leaved tree in the world.