How To Make A Swing Chair In Wood

- Jan 08, 2019-

1. Design the imagined swing style, or find a sample map to prepare.

2. Take some anti-corrosion and carbonization treatments of southern Korean pine, or some of the carbonized anti-corrosion logs suitable for outdoor conditions, such as Russian scotch pine. (The decoration city is available for sale. It is best to use the upper and lower coarse and the diameter is about 70mm or more. Round wood, or 7*7mm square wood).

3, with a diameter of 8-10mm * 100-160mmj screw, cap; electric drill and a variety of wood drill bits of various sizes, adjustable wrenches, tape measure and wood saws and other tools.

4. According to the design or reference to its size, the qualified logs are cut according to the drawings, and the holes are marked, and then drilled according to the size.

5. According to the figure, use the prepared screw, nut and wrench to assemble and then apply some varnish. If it is used outdoors, it can be varnished once every 1-2 years.