The chair part of the outdoor chair

- Apr 09, 2019-

Wooden chair strip

1. Open the logs to the required specifications, dry (naturally dry or steam dry), then carry out a series of post-processes to ensure the smoothness of the chair strips before the paint can be processed.

2. Paint treatment: After the wood is sprayed several times, the primer is polished, the surface burrs of the wood are removed, and then the paint is sprayed.

Plastic wood chair strip

1. Stir with PE PP PS plus wood flour.

2. Put the powder into the wood-plastic extrusion equipment, heat, heat, form, and then process into the size of the chair strip.

Other chair strips

1. Anti-corrosion wood, after special anti-corrosion treatment, the wood has anti-corrosion, anti-termite and anti-fungal effects. The anti-corrosion effect will vary depending on the process.

2. Carbonized wood, also known as heat-treated wood, is the carbonization of the effective nutrients of wood. In fact, the earliest carbonized wood is the bottom processing technology of wooden poles. I believe everyone knows.