Park chair origin

- Apr 03, 2019-

Back to the Hu bed of the north when the Han and Wei Dynasties. There are two pictures of Dunhuang 285 cave murals sitting on the chair; 257 cave murals have women sitting on benches and cross-legged benches; there are women sitting on the bench in the lotus stone cave of Longmen. These images vividly reproduce the use of chairs and stools in the Shifang noble family during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. Although the seat of the time had the shape of a chair and a stool, because there was no such thing as a chair or a stool, people used to call it a "hu bed". In the temple, it is often used to sit on a meditation, so it is also called a zen bed. After the Tang Dynasty, the use of chairs gradually increased, and the name of the chair was widely used before it was separated from the category of the bed. Therefore, when it comes to the origin of chairs and stools, we must talk about the bed from the Han and Wei dynasties.

The outdoor chair is a product for outdoor pedestrians to rest. It is mostly used in public places such as parks, communities, large playgrounds, shopping plazas. With the development of the times, outdoor chairs have entered most small and medium-sized cities and become a beautiful landscape of the city. It brings convenience to people and makes the environment more harmonious.