Outdoor furniture for wood

- Jan 08, 2019-

Golden silk pomelo

Evergreen trees, up to 25 meters high, 15 meters high under the branches, 80 cm in diameter, up to 140 cm. It is mainly produced in the evergreen broad-leaved forest at an altitude of 800-1800 meters in northwestern Myanmar. It is more than 120 years old. Because the finished product is similar to teak, it is also called "golden grapefruit".

The wood is loose and the heartwood is golden yellow to grayish brown. The wood has strong luster, no special smell and taste, wood is resistant to corrosion and insects; the texture is straight, the structure is very fine and uniform. Medium hardness and strength, medium drying speed, dry shrinkage, no deformation, easy cutting, smooth cut surface, good gloss after painting, and the effect is close to teak. The Ming and Qing dynasties were the preferred materials for the palace building, and are now used for high-quality furniture.

Red walnut

Walnut, evergreen trees, the name of "the king of African trees." This kind of wood has strong luster, straight texture, fine and uniform structure, and is resistant to corrosion. It is suitable for the production of precious furniture, high-grade decoration, and precious musical instruments.


Beans are of the genus Solanum, commonly known in the country as pineapple or Pacific iron. Produced in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the wood is lustrous, no special smell and taste, brown to dark reddish brown, usually with deep and shallow stripes, the heart tube hole contains yellow deposits, staggered texture, uniform structure, wood to Heavy, air dry density of 0.8-0.98/cm3, high hardness and strength. Good stability, strong corrosion resistance and anti-ant resistance, dry shrinkage, no deformation.