Leisure chair classification

- Mar 18, 2019-


The collective name of the backrest chair with armrests, except for the ring chair and the chair, the rest are called armchairs. The style and decoration are simple and complicated, and often combined with the coffee table, with four chairs and two on the sides of the hall, for symmetrical display.

Massage chair

Massage can dredge the meridians, make the blood circulation, maintain the balance of the body's yin and yang, so after the massage can feel the muscles relax, the joints are flexible, so that people are refreshed and relieve fatigue, which plays an important role in maintaining good health. The principle of the massage chair is to imitate the artificial massage, but it uses the mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to squeeze the massage. The massage chair can perform deep massage along the spine according to the human body curve by using various massage techniques such as swinging, finger pressing, pinching, and pushing. When people sit in a massage chair and enjoy the relaxation of the whole body, it is as if someone is squatting and squatting for them.

Swivel chair

The upper part is not much different from the style of the general chair. However, there is a shaft part called "single leg" under the seat surface, so the human body can rotate freely when it is seated. The age of the swivel chair is not too early, it is a kind of seat that Chinese furniture absorbs the foreign style earlier.

Rocking chair

A chair that can swing back and forth. Han Beiping, "The Story of the African Night Club, Chieftain": "He sat in the rocking chair after holding the hand with us."