Introduction to the desk

- Feb 25, 2019-

When you buy a table, because the color changes are small, only the color of the desktop will change slightly. Therefore, there are few concerns about decorating, but there are still several important principles that must be considered:

1, various industries

The company is a unit that is the business target. It is the first project that must be considered. If most of the employees in the company do similar work, they can purchase a desk with similar functions, such as a desk of a transactional company. Too complicated, the advertising company, because of the complexity of the business, will provide different use desks for employees of different positions, such as the drawing department, which may require a larger desktop rather than a better table.

2, storage function

The storage function of the table is personal, so it is necessary to consider the personal work needs of the employee. For example, an employee who needs to store more information may consider having two drawers on the right side (two majors) instead of the right three. A drawer (two small and one big), so the help of its work will be greater. In addition, if you buy a desk with a high table, the storage space will be reduced, so you should not be careful when purchasing.

3, line configuration function

A good desk should be considered in addition to the space where the information products should be placed. It should also have sufficient horizontal and vertical line storage space to avoid the exposed lines. It should also be noted that the high-voltage power supply and information lines need to be isolated. Magnetic field interference causes data loss.